Telik's product development focus is on cancer and other serious diseases. We currently have two product candidates in clinical development:

GST P1-1 ROLE IN CANCER A variety of human cancers, including breat, colon, kidney, lung and ovarian, usually express high levels of GST P1-1 compared to the surrounding tissues. High expression of GST P1-1 has been associated with disease progression and with drug resistance in patients undergoing chemotherapy. Learn more about GST P1-1

TELINTRA® (Ezatiostat HCl) A small molecule bone marrow stimulant that is in a Phase 2 trial in myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) and severe chronic idiopathic neutropenia (SCN). Learn more about TELINTRA®

TELCYTA® (Canfosfamide HCl) A cancer cell-activated small molecule that is in development for ovarian and non-small cell lung cancer. Learn more about TELCYTA®

Preclinical Pipeline Additional potential product candidates in our pipeline have resulted from our ongoing discovery research programs and our collaborations with leading cancer centers. These include a tetravalent alkylator, inhibitors of enzymes we believe are critical to the growth of cancer cells, and other compounds directed toward critical cancer cell growth mechanisms. View preclinical pipeline

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